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Tripti Arvind

Over 12 years of professional experience as an educator, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, professional counselor and an HR personnel at premier management colleges, Media houses, IT companies and at NGO’s. A passionate entrepreneur with leadership experience in diverse work culture and aspirations. Excellent counseling experience which encompasses a range of issues. Conscientious and caring with extensive knowledge of offering advice, support, rehabilitation and guidance. A motivational speaker for the budding young generation of our country. A fashion and beauty enthusiast with few achievements to her credit. We have Mrs. Tripti who is Mrs. India 2017.

How were you in the college days? What did you wish to be then?

I was very clear in my college days that I wanted to pursue my career in Management. Hence after my basic graduation I completed my MBA and Mphil.

You look very pretty. How do you maintain your this look?

Its not about external looks . I truly believe a person should be beautiful inside out.

You are also an educationists with many articles under you. Please tell us about it. 

Yes have been an educationists for few years and written and published in a lot of national and international management journals in various areas like HRM, Marketing and entrepreneurship.

Where do you want to see yourself in upcoming day ?

I really want to make my country proud by winning Mrs World Title.

How has your family been supportive in your modelling career?

I wholly and completely owe my success to my hubby and my other family members. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.

Tell us about your some secret skills which we don’t know about.

Learn to take criticism, Learn to smile to show joy or amusement, not to please others and finally I try to always look at the positive side of things, it makes failing easier.

Who has been the pillars in your raise?

My parents and my siblings

How do you manage time to handle multiple things simultaneously?

I prioritize, however having said this I definitely give a lot of time to my child.

What message do  you want to give to the society through our platform?

Believe in Yourself and you will be unstoppable. Proactive like you have never won and perform like you have never lost.

What message do you want to give to your fan followings?

Be u, be now, be confident success will follow.

Favorite 5

FoodAnything in Indian veg simple and not too spicy


MovieI don’t watch too many movies. So none


CelebrityOprah Winfrey