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5 ways to usher ultra violet shades in your bedroom

5 ways to usher Ultra Violet – the pantone shade of 2018, in your bedroom

Liven up your tired bedroom with Pantone’s shade of the year, Ultra-Violet. Known to re-energise a tired soul, ultra-violet is reminiscent of a world of desires and dreams. Signifying prosperity of the mind, body and spirit, it brings into your bedroom a sense of calm and repose.

Here are ways you can use it:


Use the colour as an accent on one of your bedroom walls. Bring about a dramatic twist in your bedroom by using the rich tone.



Your upholstery is often the biggest statement of your living room. Choose a colour that glorifies the space and gives it a nice, classy touch. Ultra Violet is truly an uplifting colour and a great choice to re-new your sofas.


Bed Sheets

You can choose to pair super-soft organic white bed sheets with a bit of ultra-violet splashed in as an accent via a throw or choose to go all ultra-violet with sheets.



Hail curtains in sheer or chenille that not only solve the purpose but even create a phenomenally beautiful and avant-garde home.



An accented rug in geometrical or trellis pattern can create a different sense of space altogether.



    About: Ami Sata is the founder of Amouve, India’s first organic bedding brand, and an avid traveller.