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Shubha Rajan Sriram

We got today with us the Bangalore lad, Shubha Rajan Sriram, who is winner of Mrs India -Karnataka 2016, Mrs Intellectual 2016 and Mrs India (Dazzling) 2016. Lets know more about her today and see what she has to reveal about her.

Hi Shubha, Thanks for being with us today. Please tell us more about you.

I’m Shubha sriram, Mrs India Karnataka 2016, Mrs Intellectual and Mrs India 2016(Dazzling).  A hobby model,  yoga enthusiast and a spiritual seeker. I am a Computer Science graduate from the prestigious Christ college, Bangalore and an IATA certified aviation professional. I’m an ex JET Airways employee.

What has been your mantra for success?

My self confidence, belief and an undying passion and conviction to achieve in spite of all odds, is my success mantra.

Tell us about your childhood days. Did you plan to do modelling?

I was an academically oriented child. Nothing apart from studies featured in my list. Glamour was far from thought. Its interesting to note that I started modelling much after marriage and motherhood.

You are married for 13 years now. Tell us about your married life.

Yes, I am happily married to Sriram for 13 years now and I have a 11 year old daughter. I wouldnt have been able to achieve what I have done today, if not for the full faith and support of my husband. He doesn’t belong to the glamour background and I truly appreciate him for all the freedom and trust he bestows on me, without any complexities.

How was your path to finale of Mrs India Karnataka?

Last year I heard of the Mrs. India Karnataka Beauty pageant, pioneered by the Director Mrs. Prathibha Saunshimat. I took this casual decision to just go for the auditions with a mind to explore. To my surprise, I got selected for the finale. Unlike many other contestants, I took no image consultancy or got any professional grooming whatsoever to prepare for this pageant. My confidence and belief in myself was my only mantra. Looking at all the other beautiful contestants was indeed challenging. I went through all the rounds and gave it my best. Finally the moment came when I was crowned  the most prestigious title of “MRS INDIA KARNATAKA 2016”  by grace my lord Sai baba, a moment in my life etched into eternity. Further on, I went to participate in the MRS INDIA contest and won the title “MRS INDIA DAZZLING 2016 “.

Who are the people you want to give credits in your life for being the pillars to reach here.

My husband, My family, My pageant Director Mrs. Prathibha and my lord Sai Baba who I have utter faith in. I would also like to say that, “I” have been my most important strength frankly .

We also heard that you have been  Brand Ambassador of various brands. Please tell us about your current modelling career.

Yes, its great to have been the face of a few brands. Currently I am the brand ambassador of “SOUTH RUCHIES Fine dine restaurant”, which is a very popular millet food destination in Bangalore. Actually I am not a “typical model”, always been a hobby model and I have always chosen to model for Indian ethnic wear and am very selective too since I dont model as a profession. I have walked as showstopper for many fashion shows and I judge fashion shows currently. I have also done few TVC’s.

What are your hobbies?

I love reading. Reading about spirituality, energy healing modalities. Cooking is something I love. Gardening, music and dance are a few other interests.

What message do you want to give to married women from orthodox families who wish to be like you some day.

I know how difficult it is for a woman from an orthodox family to get into the world of glamour, as I belong to one too. Mine is a story of a typical homemaker turned beauty queen. Even otherwise, once a middleclass woman is married and is a mother, she feels that her life is all about domestication. She forgets that she has to live for herself too. She forgets the need for a  self identity. I would like to tell all such women that, don’t let marriage or motherhood deter your dreams or passion to achieve. Life is a celebration. A celebration of YOU. Live it by unleashing your hidden potential. Come out of your fears and low self esteem. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and nothing can stop you. When you develop the never say die attitude, you will automatically gain the confidence of your family and people around you. Yes, its not going to be easy. You will have lot of stones in your path. Right from moulding yourself, to diet, to exercise, to developing a positive attitude, the path is challenging. Push yourself to those challenges and I promise, you will emerge as a winner.

What are your upcoming plans in modelling?

Modelling isn’t my profession. It’s just a passion and hobby. I will model if good opportunities to endorse any Indian wear or jewellery brand come by. Otherwise I’m looking at judging beauty pageants or groom aspiring pageant contestants. Am also looking at social service and working with causes for animal welfare.

We repeat your Mrs India Karnataka question – What is beauty according to you?

According to me, beauty is beyond the physical appearance. Its a pure heart which radiates an aura of compassion, humility and love that translates to beauty. Beauty for me is also simple things in life. The deep blue sky, the green forest, the birds chirping is beauty. Beauty is an old couple walking together hand in hand, my child’s warm hug is beauty. So beauty is there in all aspects of life, its just how we perceive it.

Any last message to your fans reading this?

I am still very shy when people write to me saying they are my fans. Its very humbling to have fans, especially when you are a non actor, but I am extremely grateful to all my wellwishers, followers on social media, to have loved me for what I am, who I am, for all the encouragement and for the fact that they find me inspirational in whatever small way that I inspire them. I love each one of them and thank them for all their undying love. May god bless you all. Om Sairam.